Tips to Renew Your Mind, Body and Spirit this April

The month of April means the end of winter and the arrival of spring!

While Colorado’s weather will remain mercurial through May, the earth will still bring warmer days and a time of renewal. In this month’s blog, we are going to discuss some ways that you can regenerate your body, soul and routine. 

Here are some tips for daily rituals that can balance and align your life in line with the spring equinox. 

Release Negative Emotional Energy 

What is keeping you from the peace, calm and happiness that you should have in your life? Clear that emotional clutter from your mind and soul. One way to get started is to begin basic meditation. 

Focus on letting go of things that you cannot control and old stress. 

Follow through on decisions that you have been putting off. In many cases, action allows you to be able to drop worry about decision making no matter how big or small. 

Make a list of things that are positive in your life. For instance, your good health, air in your lungs, food on your table and the love of your family. This positive energy will help kick out negative thoughts. 

Get Organized 

Cleaning out that clutter opens up space which boosts your mood and allows you to better focus. It’s time to clean out those items that you don’t use and are just gathering dust. Start with one room, finish and move to another. For example, clean out those clothes and outfits you never wear and drop them off at a donation center. 

Hit that catch-all kitchen drawer and discard what you don’t need or use. Hit the button on a podcast you enjoy and address those canned foods in the pantry. Additionally, check cabinets for expired OTC medications. You can include here your skincare products and purge thorough those travel size items you have stored away somewhere. 

Mother’s Day is around the corner. You could easily recycle many gifts you never got to open or use and brighten someone’s day.

Start a New Hobby or Daily Practice 

You don’t have to take up kite surfing or some extreme new sport. It could be as simple as joining a book club and committing to reading one book per month. Or maybe it’s something you have always wanted to try but have put it off. What are you waiting for? Try that new recipe, take up yoga or simply start taking a daily walk each morning or afternoon. 

Take a class…..any class whether it’s a new language, cooking, painting, dancing, or gardening. 

Better yet, spend time outside breathing fresh air and naturally lift your spirits and add to your overall health. This also connects you to the earth and a distraction from the bombardment of technology. 

Health Check 

Now would be a good time to assess your overall health and reflect on the best practices to stay or get healthy. What can you do to naturally improve your overall health such as eating a better and more balanced diet to lose weight or lower your cholesterol. Minor changes such as backing off the wine or cutting your caffeine intake are simple places to start. As always, start with a conversation with your healthcare provider before starting any new diet or exercise plan. 

When considering these tips to renew your mind, body and spirit think about creating the best life possible for yourself. Reset your life with meaning, creativity and what brings peace and happiness. 

Happy Spring Equinox!