We know, we know. “The holiday season comes sooner every year”, right? Just as they’re done putting up the spiders and skeletons for Halloween, they’re already dusting off the reindeer. But, in our defense, in the skincare industry the holiday season starts as soon as the temperature starts to drop, since that’s when skin requires the most protection. Plus, we want to give you some time to prepare for the harsh winter ahead :).

There are a few holiday events which are practically guaranteed to occur at least once, and may require some specific skincare assistance. We’ve prepared a short list of potentially stressful holiday events and coupled them with the type of skincare product which would best serve the occasion in the hopes of getting you through the next few months with your summer glow intact.


It always starts off as a stuffy corporate gathering, but inevitably it devolves into a sloppy mess where at least one coworker feels obligated to send an apology email the following day. Office holiday parties are typically a mix of stress and fun, tempered by your fear of getting loose enough to finally confront that one coworker about his laissez-faire policy on deodorant (I hope he doesn’t read this).

But, regardless of how many you throw back with your coworkers, you need your skin to stay hydrated in spite of the cold weather outside and the moisture-zapping heaters inside. We recommend a hydrating beauty oil (like our award-winning iLuminating Beauty Oil with PSC) to get you through the long night of less-than-ideal skin environments. An effective beauty oil will not only keep your skin hydrated in those conditions, it will also keep your skin as beautifully luminous as chestnuts roasting on an open fire.


Regardless of whether or not you regularly get snow, when things get too cold in a warmer environment, roads tend to shut down if snow is even a possibility (which totally still counts as a snow day). So on these glorious occasions, whether you have the day off proper, or have to “work from home”, when you venture outside to enjoy the winter wonderland, it is more important than ever to protect your skin from the harsh environment. We recommend a heavy SPF since, if snow is blanketing the ground, the reflection of the sun off of the white earth alone could do some serious damage. And, if the SPF happens to nourish your skin and keep it hydrated (like our Solar Shield 50+ with PSC), that’s even better!


Whether or not the prospect of in-laws coming to town is a joy or a dread, hosting family, even if only for a night, can be incredibly stressful. Late nights, lying awake in bed considering the countless ways things could go wrong can be taxing on your skin health. That stress can quickly lead to the development of fine lines and unsightly bags forming under your eyes.

The last thing you need is something else for your mother-in-law to backhandedly compliment (“I just love how free you are with your ‘look‘.” YEAH?! DO YOU?!), so instead try a revitalizing eye cream so you’re fighting the right bags this holiday season (the ones under your eyes, not the one staying in your guest room).

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