The first category of guidelines that I worked on to provide the best possible care is all about keeping yourself safe prior to the service, during the service, and after the service. The basic things that I worked on include:

  • If you (or I) have any symptoms, stay home and contact the doctor or local health department
  • Avoid touching your face, I’ll do the same – even with my gloves on
  • I will be sure to communicate with you, my clients, about cancellation notice as well as what my disinfection procedures are
  • We will waive cancellation and re-booking fees and allow for additional time between services to fully disinfect the area (will slowly get back into treatment room, allowing only ONE appointment a day for now)
  • I will fully clean the area safely while spacing clients apart at least 4 hours (this will apply for a later time if all things go well)
  • Will have multiple sets of tools, supplies and linens available to speed up the treatment room turn around (for future multiple daily appointments)
  • I recently purchased an autoclave to use it for all metal implements/​tools
  • I recently purchased an air purifier to be used only in the Spa setting
  • Some of my extra PPE (personal protection equipment) purchases, on top of the usual disinfectants, gloves and masks include touchless soap and hand sanitizer dispensers, a fully disinfecting bed mat, face shield

Prior to Service

Cleaning the room. Will make sure that all surfaces, devices, linens, and tools are cleaned and disinfected.

Wash my hands. This has been stated and repeated, but when washing my hands will do a thorough job by following these easy tips (feel free to use):

  • Use a nail brush
  • Keep nails short
  • Do not use an antibacterial soap (is not necessary, this is a virus)
  • Use a disposable towel to dry hands and discard in a closed trash can
  • Wash hands for a minimum of 20 seconds. (Note: Keep hands moisturized, as excessive dryness will impact the skin’s barrier, which can cause infection)
  • When using alcohol-based hand sanitizer allow it to dry for a minimum of 20 seconds.

Set up. The treatment room will be set up at this time after the previous steps have been followed. 

Keep to myself. Will not shake hands or allow to touch each other when initially greeting, we will need to take a raincheck on hugs.

During the Service

Will offer you the choice to have a window open during your visit.

Will wear gloves. Will have gloves on before initial skin/body contact and will be sure to change them as needed. Will use close fitting nitrile gloves to avoid possible allergic reactions to latex. 

Will wear a mask. Will wear a mask during the service, as I always did. The goal of this is to protect you from respiratory droplets that I could spread regardless of the infection status. This will NOT protect me or you from getting COVID-19. Will wear a face shield and a mask and will be sure to fully disinfect it after each use. 

Porous and non-porous supplies. Will be sure to discard porous items immediately after use in a closed trash container. For non-porous tools, will place them immediately in a closed container labeled dirty. 

Dispensing products. Will not dispense the product directly onto the client’s face from the container (never did this). Instead, will place products into a small bowl or ramekin before placing it on the cart. 

After Service

Linens. Immediately will remove all linens and will place them into a closed hamper or directly into the washing machine. This can be done after I have escorted the client out of the treatment room.

Disinfect, disinfect, disinfect. Will follow appropriate disinfection procedures for my tools and devices. Generally, will follow these steps:

  • Clean non-porous items (brushes, spatulas and metal tools) with soap and water, dry, immerse in EPA approved disinfectant for recommended time, remove, rinse, dry and place in a closed container labeled “disinfected/sanitized”. 
  • Discard porous items immediately into a closed trash container. 

Wash hands. After the service has concluded, will wash my hands following the recommended guidelines previously stated. This can be done after the client’s checkout is completed. 

Credit card payments. If the payment is via credit card, will encourage you to swipe your card, or will invoice you virtually.