ALL states have health and public safety rules that MUST be followed at all times. The steps below are best practice and may go above and beyond what a state requires.

Disinfectants / Personal Protective Equipment

  1. Disinfectant must be EPA-registered and labeled as bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal
    • No product will be labeled for COVID-19 yet, but many will have human coronavirus efficacy either on their label or available on their websites
    • The EPA has approved any product that has tested as effective against human coronavirus, to make a claim for COVID-19 at this time
  2. Disinfectant for immersion must be made fresh daily and replaced if it becomes contaminated sooner
  3. Any Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) used is single use and must be changed after each client, for example gloves
    • Mask may be required and changing them would be dependent upon availability
  4. Hands will be washed after removing gloves

Practical changes

  1. In the short term, will stagger appointments so that waiting areas have minimal congestion
  2. Will consider how to make the POS terminals safer
  3. In the short term, will not re-introduce things like magazines, water, self-serve coffee or candy jars
  4. Will disinfect reception counter, door handles, phones and writing implements at the beginning of the day and every 1-2 hours, based on traffic
  5. Will use of masks/gloves for all esthetics/waxing services
  6. Will consider a mask for myself and client for services other than facials
  7. Will discontinue the practice of shaking hands
    • While this handshaking has long been considered a sign of welcoming and respect, there are safer ways to welcome someone in 2020
  8. Will decline services for any client that exhibits signs of illness 

Hand Hygiene

  1. Wash hands with soap/water for 30 seconds before/after eating, smoking and using the restroom
  2. Wash hands immediately before and after providing a client (hand sanitizer where allowed)
  3. Provide hand sanitizer at reception desk and all stations for clients to use
  4. Maintain intact skin by frequent use of lotion

Cleaning and Disinfection

  1. All implements (non-porous) being used on more than 1 client, must be cleaned and disinfected for the full contact time on the disinfectant label before being used
  2. Stations, chairs, rolling carts and any other storage containers disinfected daily


  1. All towels/capes laundered (porous) or disinfected (non-porous) after a single use
  2. All towels/linens dried until “hot to the touch”
  3. All towels/linens stored in a closed, covered container

Cleaning and Disinfection of Implements and Surfaces

  1. Clean item or surface: Cleaning is intended to prepare the item or surface so that disinfectant can make full contact with the material and be effective against all pathogens listed on the label
    • Cleaning may be done with soap/water, chemical cleaner or wipe
  2. Rinse and dry implement or surface
  3. Disinfect using a properly concentrated disinfectant made for immersion, a spray or wipe
  4. All disinfectants must be EPA-registered as bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal
  5. Observe full contact time on manufacturers label
    • This means that implement or surface must stay visibly wet for full contact time listed
  6. Immersed items should be removed at the end of contact time, rinsed and dried with a paper towel or clean, freshly laundered towel

Cleaning and Disinfection of Electrical Implements:

  1. Clean implement with wipe or spray and remove any debris, such as hair
  2. Use an EPA-registered bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal spray, foam, or wipe to disinfect implement for full contact time listed on the manufacturers label
  3. When contact time is complete, dry with paper towel or clean, freshly laundered towel