What Is TimeMachine Korean Peel?

The active ingredients in TimeMachine Peel are very refined sea sponge organism. This technology allows to reach deep into the skin and create cell division stimulation for three days. After this 72-hour cycle the dead skin cell fall and cell regeneration starts. There are two different spicules in the TimeMachine Korean Peel worth mentioning. Tritium spicule works mostly on the superficial skin area and linear spicule reaches the deepest layer of our skin. The dual peeling system will reduce the pain and increase the effect for scar recovery, whitening, anti-wrinkle, lifting, pore control, acne improvement in a short period of time.

How is TimeMachine compare to FCR?

FCR and Time Machine Korean Peel are different in a few important ways. Time Machine contains spicules, which is a type of sea sponge, while FCR consist of coral calcium. FCR is most effective against acne or pigmentation. TimeMachine addresses anti-aging, helps with minor scarring, pigmentation issues and pore reduction. FCR’s sensation can be a bit more intense, but Time Machine packs a punch as well. We apply it in the same manner as FCR, but not as intense.

Read our previous blog about FCR here, if you’re more interested in this advanced treatment.

Who do we recommend the TimeMachine Peel?

TimeMachine is for you, if you have heard about Korean Skincare, and the fabulous products that provide superior skin results, but you haven’t had a chance to try them. It’s also for you if your goal is to improve the look and texture of a scar, or you’re looking to improve your acne, and your fine wrinkles in a short amount of time. At the Hidden Spa in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, we offer multiple StoryDerm products for you to experience. We value your commitment to green skincare solutions, and any time you hear someone looking for more natural advanced skin care options, we would love for you to recommend us.