The Princess Peel is definitely one of my most requested treatments.

Princess Peel is a Korean treatment by StoryDerm that includes 4 syringes of the spicule treatment. Parts of the treatment are Princess Shine Clean, Princess Shine Aqua, Princess Shine Sheet Masks and Princess Shine Ampoule to complete the protocol. Of course it’s not 100% necessary to use all four of these. You can incorporate other cleansers you currently have, but if you want to follow the true Princess protocol, I recommend you use all the complimentary parts!

How does the Princess Peel and the Time Machine Peel compare?

These two Korean peels are very similar. I always explain that Time Machine is “Princess on steroids”, as Time Machine can work up to 72hrs after the treatment, and it has two different types of spicules as active ingredient. The first one is Tritium and it works on the skin surface. The second one is linear spicules and they work in the dermis layers. The combination of both makes it a peel that’s highly effective for scarring, pigmentation and healing acne. To learn more about the Time machine, read my previous blog.

What’s so special about the Princess Peel?

Princess Peel on the other hand has gold in it, which helps with detoxifying the skin. It can also help improving texture. I feel like two Princess treatments equal one of the Time Machine as far as results go. However, Princess is milder and easier to tolerate. Princess Peel penetrates deeper into the epidermis without injury and activates skin regeneration by micro-stimulation of the dermis. Porous structure of white spicule has colloidal gold which contains various valid ingredients. It is quickly and safely absorbed to promote skin regeneration. Skin cell activation speeds up the turn-over cycle. It also has effects of skin detoxification such as removing corneous, skin wastes, wrinkle improvement, cell regeneration and elasticity.

This peel also helps detoxifying, reducing redness, it’s anti- inflammatory, protects against free radicals and can also firm and tighten.

Gold micro needles are the true spicules in Princess. They penetrate without injury, without piercing the skin, but its power lies in still being able to trigger collagen and elastin production.

Are you intrigued? If you’re ready to try the Princess Peel, book your appointment here.