I’ll make the important note that whenever cleaning anything in the spa, I will be wearing gloves.

Cleaning Devices

Starting with tools and devices, I will follow:

Wiping down. When wiping down devices, will wipe down the device case, electrode handles and wires with a disinfectant wipe. 

Client contact. Electrodes, tips (heads) and anything else that came in direct contact with the client will be disinfected using the non-porous tools instructions. Will leave metal conductors out of the solution to avoid corrosion (these will never be in contact with the client). 

Mark it clean. After fully cleansing the entire device (electrodes, tips, handles, etc.) will place it in a closed container marked “clean.”

Steamers. Will empty the steamer at the end of every day (better yet, a steamer will NOT be used for the time being).

Hot cabinet. Will disinfect the interior of the hot cabinet and leave the door open to dry. 

Waxing services – not provided for the time being.

Cleaning Surfaces

As previously stated, gloves will be worn for all surface cleaning. 

Disinfect. While cleaning the surface, will spray it with an EPA registered disinfectant (bacterial, virucidal and fungicidal). Will be sure to leave the surface wet for the full contact time listed on the label. 

Wipe it down. Use paper towels to wipe the surface clean, and then discard the paper towels in a closed trash container. 

Product bottles. Will wipe down the product bottles with a disinfectant wipe following full contact time on the label. 

Mop. At the end of the day, the floor will be mopped. A disposable floor cleaner (i.e. Swifter) will be used. 

Cleaning Linens

After the service, will place the dirty linens directly in a closed hamper or directly in the washing machine.

Bleach. Will use bleach or a different EPA registered disinfectant laundry additive. Will follow the manufacturer instructions for correct water temperature. 

Dry. Will place the linens in the dryer immediately after the wash cycle is done. Will not leave the linens in the washer overnight. 

Storing. Will fold the clean linens and place them in closed cabinets or other closed storage areas. 

Uniform. Will wash my uniform nightly. Will change my uniform after each appointment.

Is important to note that while most of these guidelines and practices are already in daily use in spas, the extra steps and care during this time will hopefully  help comfort you, my the clients, and provide extra protection from the virus.