Though we may use them on nearly a daily basis, we tend to take for granted some of the quintessential elements the Earth provides us. Many of these (about 25) are actually essential to life and, overtime we’ve discovered how beneficial they are to the skin as well.

What better time to revisit some of these minerals than on Earth Day? You are likely familiar with many, if not all of these, but chances are you may not know just how essential these minerals are. Earth Day is a great excuse to learn about minerals and their benefits, and make sure you are getting enough of them in your skin care regimen.

The Essential Elements

As I mentioned there are 25 of the 118 chemical elements on the periodic table that are considered essential to life. In skin care these may be derived from the actual chemical elements themselves or from plant sources. Plants tend to be great sources for minerals, as they receive their nutrients from the Earth’s mineral- and vitamin-rich soil.

As nourishing as these minerals are to plants, they produce a similar benefit to the skin, working to protect, purify, hydrate, and regenerate the skin, as well as regulate the cells.

In honor of Earth Day, take some time to learn about the amazing minerals our Earth provides us, make sure you are getting sufficient amounts of these essential minerals in your diet and skin care regimen.

Happy Earth Day!

@Rhonda Allison