Dry skin is by far the most problematic aspect of this time of year. The temperature drops, the cold wind begins to blow, and your skin suffers more and more. The problem doesn’t just lie outside, either. When you step inside your skin’s moisture is being sapped by the heater just as much as it was by the harsh, cold weather outside. Essentially there is no escape from the constant barrage of factors that remove moisture from your skin and leave it dry and vulnerable. It should come as no surprise that the most important thing to remember this winter is to constantly moisturize. It is vital to your skin’s health to consistently replenish its moisture multiple times a day. It would serve you best to use a moisturizer that not only fully moisturizes your skin, but also aides your skin’s natural ability to retain moisture.



The drying and cracking of your lips during the harsh winter months is extremely likely due to the fact that your lips don’t have oil glands to self moisturize like the rest of your skin. This

leaves one of the most noticeable places to be chapped and cracked more vulnerable than anywhere else for months at a time. People often attempt to combat seasonal chapped lips by covering their mouths with scarves or jackets but in reality this practice can dry out your lips just as fast as leaving them exposed. The best way to fight the cold is to be diligent about applying hydrating lip balm to maintain the best defenses on the most defenseless part of your skin.



Summer often gets associated with skin damage from the relentless rays of the sun but winter can be just as dangerous, especially if you live somewhere that gets a lot of snow. That winter wonderland acts as nice reflective surface for the sun’s harmful rays so you are getting more solar radiation than ever during the yuletide season. UV rays from the sun are waging a constant war with the elastin in your skin so it is important to make sure you are always giving yourself an edge in the fight. Whenever you leave the house this holiday season make sure you plan ahead with an SPF to keep your skin safe and healthy all winter long. Also if you use a moisturizer with an SPF you are killing two birds with one stone!

The winter is the most trying month of the year in the battle for healthy, youthful skin so make sure you are ready for the months ahead. Lira Clinical has everything you need to fight the cold with our amazing products! Each bundle has everything you need to meet every winter-related skin problem head on and it makes a perfect gift for the chronically chapped person in your life!

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