Express and add-ons

LED Mini-Treatment ($50.00)

Shorter LED treatment, an alternative for those who could commit to more repetitive treatments in a week time frame, but do not have the time for the 60-90 minutes treatment. 30 min

Microcurrent Mini-Treatment ($50.00)

This is the 30 minutes version of the microcurrent facial, known as the lunch time lift. Will offer and maintain better results if bought in series.

Lunchtime Makeover ($50.00)

We address a targeted issue in 20 minutes sessions. It is a quick and intense treatment for acne, hyperpigmentation, dehydration, sensitivity, hormonal breakouts and more. Usage of modalities may be necessary for stronger results. 30 min

Zap it! ($25.00)

A blemish, a zit, an ingrown hair? A quick fix in this targeted treatment to help speed up the healing process. Modalities are used to enhance the results. 20 min

Cryo Add-on Treatment ($25.00)

Cryo-Globes calms redness after waxing, stimulate blood circulation and oxygenate skin.Help reduce large pores and tighten skin while eliminating fine lines.Help calming the skin and product penetration.Only as an add-on to other services. 15 min

Luxurious Masks ($25.00)

Available only as an add-on treatment with any other service. From peel-off, lifting, gold mask etc. Choices of luxurious masks and deep treatments to increase results of any facial. 30 min

Eye-zone Mini-Treatment ($55.00)

This treatment won't disappoint you! Using hot & cold therapies for vasodilating and vasoconstrictive properties, reduces puffiness & dark circles, supports tissue repair & collagen synthesis, tones and firms, minimizes fine lines & crepey eye tissue

Eyes on You ($25.00)

Available as an add-on treatment with any purchased service. Eye-Master LED treatment and specialty collagen masks chose to target a specific condition. 15 min

Lips and Tips ($25.00)

Available only as an add-on with any service. Lips get exfoliated and a specialty collagen mask is applied for instant plumpness and hydration. 15 min

Hand Treatment ($25.00)

Available only as an add-on with any treatment. Microdermabrasion available as well for increased softness and deeper moisturizing and anti-aging effect after mask is applied - at extra cost. 15 min

Aromatherapy ($25.00)

Available as an add-on only to any service, this features an extra relaxation using potent essential oils and combine their power with pressure points massage. 15 min